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Asus G51J - gaming - 3DAlthough the tech world’s obsession with 3D has waxed and waned over the last few decades, we currently find ourselves at a time when interest is definitely on the up. Asus is one of the first to capitalise on this and the Asus G51J (£1699 inc. VAT) is a gaming laptop that provides hard evidence of this.

The Asus G51J utilises GPU manufacturer nVidia’s 3D Vision technology to bring your games, movies and photos to life in the glorious third dimension. It does this using a set of glasses which act as a shutter for each eye separately. The glasses are synchronised with the laptop via an infrared remote and open and close – or shutter – for each eye separately. The result is that each eye sees a slightly different picture, thefefore creating the 3D effect.

Ovreall we found the effect worked well and you’ll be impressed how images jump out the screen at you. The glasses feel a little strange to use at first – even though the shuttering is impossible to detect – but we soon got used to them, and didn’t suffer the nausea we experienced when using other 3D capable laptops such as the Acer Aspire 5738DZG-434G50Mn.

When using the glasses we did find content appeared a little dim, however, and colour quality also suffered – with even the nVidia 3D Vision capable games such as Resident Evil 5 appearing quite washed out. We found the equipment a little fiddly to setup, and synching the glasses with the infrared remote especially problematic.

When not using the Asus G51J’s 3D capabilities we found that laptop pleasant to use. The screen is exceptionally bright and provides good detail, although it’s a shame it doesn’t support full high definition, while the machine’s build quality also impresses. A garish design is in place, but we quite liked it.
Asus G51J - gaming - 3D
The keyboard is large and comfortable to use, although is quite spongy, but a dedicated number pad is a nice addition.

An Intel Core i7 processor powers the Asus G51J and, along with 4096MB of DDR3 memory, provides performance enough for running even the most resource heavy applications. The nVidia chip is powerful, with even the latest games running seamlessly.

One terabyte of hard drive space offers exceptional storage and the Blu-ray drive lets you watch high definition movies on the go.

Portability is limited – as you’d expect – but the networking components provide the latest technology, so you’ll have no problems connecting to networks for online gaming sessions.

Despite being an age old technology it’s still early days for 3D, and the Asus G51J proves this. nVIdia’s 3D Vision technology does work, but we think it’ll be a while before you feel totally emerged in the content and because of this the price tag seems a little high. If you are keen to try 3D, and aren’t necessarily bothered about gaming, the Acer Aspire 5738DZG-434G50Mn might be a better, and significantly cheaper, option.

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Asus G51J - gaming - 3D

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