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| News | 08/06/2011 10:14am
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Google ChromeMany of us stick with the same internet browser for years, generally preferring familiarity over change. However, if you’ve been checking out Google’s latest version of its Chrome internet browser, here are a few cool things to try out that might persuade you to make the move to Chrome a permanent one.

One of the coolest features of Google Chrome is the 3D web apps demo in Google’s gallery ( which gives your browser the depth and feel of a malleable 3D environment.

Another must-try demo is Body Browser which lets you examine a virtual human body, inside and out, in an incredible amount of detail.

There’s also the simple¬†option to create desktop shortcuts for your Google Chrome web apps. Just right-click on the app and choose ‘Create Shortcut’ for an icon to pop up on your desktop – just as you would do with a program file within Windows.

if you’re interested in going a little further, you can find details of Google’s partnership with Samsung and Acer to create the ‘Chromebook’ here.

Google Chrome

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