How to… Install Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy S2

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Samsung Galaxy S2

The ICS upgrade is now available to all SIM-Free Galaxy S2 handsets

It’s been a long time coming, but Samsung has finally rolled out the latest version of Google’s Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich – to owners of the flagship Galaxy S2 smartphone.


Even if you don’t have Samsung’s next gen handset – and read our full Samsung Galaxy S III review for reasons why you should – you can still enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich on your S2 with a few simple tweaks.


If you got your handset on a contract, then you’ll still need to wait for your network provider to make the update available. But, if you bought the handset SIM-free, then there’s nothing to stop you getting online and downloading the update yourself right now.


There are several advantages to making the leap to Ice Cream Sandwich. Firstly, as apps continue to be developed, they will be optimised for the latest firmware version which means that, for best results, you need to keep your phone up to date.


Secondly, Google has made tweaks and improvements to the OS by cutting away some of the processing weight to make the new upgrade faster and smoother – giving you a better experience using the phone. Also, with less power being used by the newer operating system, you should see a spike in your phone’s battery life.


The hard part of the upgrade was waiting for it to arrive. Now that it’s here though, the actual process is remarkably easy and shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes. We’ve laid the entire process out for you in 8 easy steps to help you along.


1.      Download the Samsung Keis software


Download Samsung's Keis software To start the ball rolling, you’ll need to visit Samsung’s website and download the Keis desktop software. This enables you to connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 handset and begin the upgrade.


To find the Kies Software download, click the support link at the top of the Samsung homepage and scroll down to the “Find Useful Software” section, click on Samsung Keis 2.0 and it will take you to this screen. Alternatively, just click this link here.



2.      Launch Samsung Keis software


Launch Samsung Kies softwareWhen the download has completed, install the Keis software on your PC or laptop and run the program.


You’ll be greeted with the Keis homepage that will prompt you to connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 via USB.






3.      Connect your Samsung Galaxy S2


Connect your Samsung Galaxy S2Once your handset is connected via USB, Windows will automatically recognise it and install the relevant driver software.


Meanwhile, Kies will also connect to your phone and allow you to transfer music and movies, as well as install the latest updates.






4.      Select the firmware update


Select the firmware updateBecause the update has been pushed out globally by Samsung, the software will automatically recognise that your Galaxy S2 handset hasn’t been updated.


Once it is connected to Keis, a prompt will appear asking you if you want to update the firmware on your Galaxy S2. Click “Upgrade”.






5.      Agree to Terms and Conditions


Agree to Terms and Conditions


Before the program will let you proceed, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of service.


These are the standard fare for upgrading software and it’s worth having a read through before you check the box and start the upgrade. You can cancel the upgrade at any time.





6. Install update


Install update


When you have agreed to the terms and conditions, the upgrade process should begin automatically.


The firmware upgrade will only take a few minutes, and can be left to run on its own. So feel free to put the kettle on and get yourself a cuppa.







7. Update your phone’s software


Update your phone's software


When the upgrade is complete, you will receive a notification on both your laptop and on the homescreen of your Galaxy S2 handset. The phone will automatically reset itself in order to implement the new changes to the operating system.


When your handset starts up again, you will be faced with the option of a software update on top of the firmware.


This means that apps, programs and menus can be upgraded to take advantage of the new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Once again, you will need to agree to a disclaimer and check the box citing that you have read the terms and conditions.







8. Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich


Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich


Congratulations, your handset is now running the latest version of Google’s Android operating system.


You should find there’s an added boost in performance, graphics and the menu system.











If this has helped you, check out our guide on how to install Windows 8 on your laptop today.

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